Agenda15 08 2008

MACAR meeting Agenda

15th August, 2008

Time: 10.00 am – 3.30 pm

Location: Melbourne Airport

  1. Minutes of meeting 17th December, 2007, and review of the HERDC recommendation document
  2. Review of the Survey done on resource types
  3. The ERA schema and definitions – how to work with the ARC to ensure that we are all using the same vocabulary. See the attached file from Alex Cooke. Alex will teleconference in at 11.00 am.
    1. ARROW community want to know about implications of the new Research Classification Codes
  4. What needs to be done next on the resource types and who will do it.
  5. The list of properties and mappings to MARC and DC – what needs to be done and who needs to do it. Suggestion by Vicki Picasso (Uni. Newcastle) that there be a core set of mandatory properties, plus a set of recommended properties.
  6. Is there any MACAR work that could be done on naming authorities?
  7. What additional vocabularies need MACAR input? Review of the Status vocabulary, and the potential addition of published/unpublished to the list.
  8. Possibility of recommending the Version Identification Framework vocabulary
  9. A review of the MACAR wiki. Who is to manage it, how is it going, is it the most effective tool we have?
  10. Identify the tasks that are deliverable by the end of 2008.
  11. How might MACAR go into the future. Options for management and structure, membership, activities. Review of the Strategy 2009 document
    1. Nomination of one primary and one secondary member of MACAR to the IT 19 Committee

Apologies have been received from Tom Ruthven, Kerry Blinco.

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