Macar Terms Of Reference

The Australian Research Repositories Online to the World (ARROW) project has defined a need for a group to advise on metadata standards for repositories.


The goal is to be an internationally recognised authority on metadata standards for repositories, and for generating and promulgating best practice metadata standards across any repository. The primary focus will be on the needs of the Australian repository community.

The Group aims to:

* share metadata knowledge and experience among members of the digital repository community in Australia
* facilitate public discussion of metadata standards, specifications and application profiles for digital collections
* support interoperability of systems
* recommend best practice metadata standards
* provide advice and guidance related to metadata to the Australian repository community


A core committee of limited numbers is designed to ensure that the group is agile and can make quick decisions. A group of expert associate members have full access to all the documents and discussions. They are not required to attend all meetings, but may be called upon to attend where their specialist expertise is required.

Core members

* Katie Blake - ARROW Central Convener
* Joan Gray – ARROW Metadata Analyst and Co-Convener
* Tom Ruthven – ADT/UNSW
* Neil Godfrey
* John Butera - Swinburne
* Ann Huthwaite - Eprints
* Susanne Moir - State Library of NSW
* Kate Sergeant - University of SA
* Simon McMillan - University of New England

Associate members

* Angela Lang to advise and assist on communications
* Kerry Blinco
* Rubric
* University of Queensland eSpace
* National Library of Australia


1. Definition of standard resource types
2. Development of MODS and MARCXML templates in support of the standard resource types and maintain relevant crosswalks.
3. Decision and recommendations on whether any metadata is required to support the RQF’s access control requirements and if so what metadata is required: identification of the standard values and where this data is to be stored. (DC? MARCXML, MODS, RDF triplestore)
4. Watching brief on national and international developments in the area.

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