Minutes05 11 2008

MACAR teleconference, 5th November, 2008.

Present: Joan Gray, Katie Blake, Ann Huthwaite, Susanne Moir, Simon McMillan

ERA Resource Types

There was discussion about the two approaches to the ERA resource types. Very briefly, these approaches are:

a) KB's position, where ERA requirements are split across several properties, with a vocabularies for things like an author role, and qualifiers for peer-reviewed, research/non-research, commercial/non-commercial.

b) Simon's approach, where the ERA resource types are included separately from the MACAR resource type, in the format required by ERA.

AH said that we need to think about the purpose of resource types, drawing a distinction between that needed for search and display, and that needed for the ERA reporting. Joan said that there was a section in the guiding principles under Recommended use of resource type terms which clearly states that MACAR terms are for submission search display and sharing across repositories. SMs suggested that repositories use separate ERA types which are for reporting purposes only.

It was agreed that it is just as efficient to enter both the required ERA string as a separate entry in the relevant resource type location (such as dc:type) and the MACAR resource type. This would be just as easy and probably clearer for repository managers and administrators as entering the properties separately as suggested by Katie's breakdown.

Regarding the format for entering the ERA required resource type information, Simon believes that the old HERDC codes are familiar and well known in repositories, and that MACAR should advise ARC that our preference is that these codes are retained, with the definitions refined. The codes and their definitions should be cemented and synchronised between repositories, HERDC and ERA.

It was agreed that there should be as much congruence as possible between ERA and MACAR vocabularies. It is suggested that MACAR should provide guidance on mapping between each MACAR type and its possible corresponding ERA/HERDC resourcetype and/or code.

Action: Joan Gray and Katie Blake to draft these recommendations and comments to ERA. This draft should be reviewed by MACAR members, then emailed to Alex Cooke.

Journal Item:

JG proposed that there be a journal item resource type, to cover things like letters, reviews, case studies, articles in newspapers and popular magazines (which are unlikely to meet the journal article criteria for the Journal article output type as noted in the ERA pilot submission guidelines of October 2008) JG pointed out that journal item is a resource type in the eprints type vocabulary This vocabulary also includes an additional type term for news item. There is also a MACAR type for conference item ( which is assigned to things other than conference papers ( eg conference poster, etc). The meeting discussed, and rejected the proposal
Action: JG will add a note to this effect is to be added to the vocabulary under journal article.


There was much discussion on how to handle exhibitions. It was agreed that exhibitions are not resource types in themselves, rather they are temporary aggregations of specific resource types already covered by the macar vocabulary. (eg still image, book, etc.)
Action: AH is to write guiding principles for handling exhibitions and put it on the macar wiki. This is a question that continues to be asked and MACAR needs to provide clear guidance. SM suggested that 'treat each piece separately according to its resource type, and specify aggregation in a way that your repository allows, such as compound object, collections, etc. “

Encyclopedia/dictionary entry

KB noted that the NLA harvesting guidelines includes this type. There is demand for it. It was agreed that there is a case for it to be added to the vocabulary. Action: JG to draft the entry.

The meeting closed at 3 pm.

There are remaining resource types to be discussed:

• Drawing (technical)
• Award
• Legal case
• letter
• There is currently discussion on digital objects see [ http://macar.wikidot.com/forum/t-93989/website#post-273214]
• Art work
• Website (SM is to send an example to the group.)

Another meeting was suggested to carry over the discussion of those types. Wednesday 12th November, 3pm. JG to email confirmation to the group.

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