Minutes 30 10 2008

MACAR Telemeeting – Notes of meeting Thursday 30 October, 2008
Time: 11.30 am – 12.50 pm
Convenor: Joan Gray
Minute taker: Joan Gray
Agenda items :
1. Attendance: Ann Huthwaite, Simon McMillan, Susanne Moir, Joan Gray (convener and note taker) Neil Godfrey and Joanne Richards, Neil’s replacement ( attended briefly for first 15 mins)
2. Apologies : Katie Blake, Alison Dellit

3. ERA Type list and MACAR feedback to Alex Cooke Katies documents and Neil and Simons comments

The Group reviewed Katie’s document mapping ERA types to MACAR type and other vocabularies (status, role etc).
Issues discussed:
1 Article vs journal article If article then can include newspaper or magazine article. Eprints uses article Eprints type vocabulary has journal item and news item in addition to journal article and submitted journal article. SM noted that legal case studies (articles) on web pages was a case in point. AH noted the AACR definition of journal/serial.
2 Computer database – The closest mapping to MACAR is dataset. What is the ERA definition of this ? bibliographic database ? research dataset ?
3. JG asked what commercial/non commercial publisher means in the ERA type list ? Definitions based on the HERDC requirements could be different to the common library understanding.
4. The group asked for further clarification of ERA Type Audio-visual recordings and its mapping to MACAR-specific
5. The ERA type categories for book were confusing and required clarification.
5. It would be useful for ERA to supply definitions with their list of ERA types.
6. There was some discussion about whether or not the choice of terms was important if accompanying definitions were available. JG said that terminology may need to suit a specific community of practice eg repository community and its submission workflows and search and display interfaces for discovery of repository data as well as for sharing of data across repositories.
7. As more terms were examined it became increasingly difficult to map some of these to MACAR types without loss in translation.
8. SM suggested we take a different approach. He said that the MACAR Type vocabulary was related but independent of ERA reporting requirements. ERA types are useful for classifying material in repositories for reporting purposes not input and retrieval purposes. This is aligned with the MACAR guiding principles document which states that recommended use of resource type terms is for templates/worksheets and design of self submission data entry tools etc
SM also noted that MACAR could assist with extending the list and modifying the language used in the ERA Type list.
9. SM agreed to distribute a revised version of Katies ERA vocabulary spreadsheet with mapping to the old DEST HERDC Publication Reference Types included.

4. Action item from last MACAR meeting (August 2008) : review of the current type vocabulary based on survey findings and comments/feedback on macar wiki

JG raised the issue of whether or not a new term was required for “exhibition” in the MACAR Type vocabulary This was prompted by a number of questions/requests fielded by ARROW central as well as feedback from the Type vocabulary survey and comments on the MACAR wiki about how hard it is to deal with this kind of content. Use of multimedia eg text image audio, video etc as carrier types do not adequately express time based media. More discussion needed.

5. Resource type – website. Simon’s comments on ‘”website” on the macar wiki under How versatile is this resource type?

JG asked SM if he had seen NGs comments on the macar wiki? As time was running out this item was carried over to the next meeting.
SM agreed to distribute an example of this type of online publication to the group before the next meeting.

6. Other business

No other business.

Meeting closed at 12.50 pm

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